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Dementia Awareness Session in Bramham Pavilion

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Dementia Awareness Session in Bramham Pavilion


Dementia Awareness Sessions

in Bramham Pavilion

Over two million people are expected to develop dementia in the next ten years, so most people will know someone living with or affected by the condition in their lifetime.

Bramham Parish Council are organising a series of Dementia Awareness sessions for the village , the first of which will be held in September after the summer holidays. There are two initial sessions on 10th and 19th September. Both sessions will be held in Bramham Pavilion on Freely Lane and start at 7pm. They will last for about an hour maximum and will be run by Karen Leaf a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion, who works for Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE).

Everyone who lives or works in the village are welcome. Also, dedicated sessions can be arranged for local groups, organisations or businesses. The sessions will be free, fun and interactive.

There is still room available on the September sessions, so, if anyone is interested in finding out more and helping make Bramham a Dementia Friendly Community and would like to reserve a place at these, or register for a future session, please contact Pete Dunn, Vice-Chair, Bramham Parish Council by email: or texting 07867 537602 .

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